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Our Story

Owner, Jessi and her husband Dale each have a life long passion for art and all-around creativity.  The Pembertons have passed their love for creativity and artistic expression to their three beautiful children.  As a family, they have created many pieces for various charities and have also volunteered their time to coordinate and teach painting parties for local non-profit organizations. 

With the support of her family, Jessi decided to bring her family’s passion to the community where they have grown together and give the gift of art to their home of Seneca Falls, N.Y.  Together, Jessi and Dale bring the opportunities to residents near and far to learn how to develop their skills and to showcase the talent that our area has to offer. 

The Pembertons are eternally grateful for the support they have received in this endeavor from both their family and community members and hopes to expand her family’s love to all those who enter The Artist’s Lounge.

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